Albertien seeks harmony in (working) relationships, has an inquisitive and analytic mind, enjoys investigating problems and transforming them into action and results, is always looking for those things that give energy and enthusiasm.


Short bio
Albertien Perdok, born in South Africa and raised in the Netherlands.
Married and mother of two boys (0 and 3).
Likes reading, classical music and sports.
Studied forest- and nature conservation at Wageningen University.
Became a freelance consultant in 2011, after working for WWF and the Dutch Leisure Institute.
Member of Consvervation Coaches Network Europe and in the Core Team.
Professional development in training, facilitation, systems thinking, social psychology and permaculture.
Special interest in sustainable food and behaviour change.

What other people say
“Albertien is a spider in the web, someone who can coordinate a high-energy, complicated project that needs to deliver in time.”
Ilke Tilders – FOS (Europe)

“She has a ‘heart’ for sustainability and knows how to inspire and convince others to take action.”
Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt – Bureau voor Ruimte & Vrije Tijd

“She had good inter-personal skills and used effective project planning tools.”
Roelof Heringa – Staatsbosbeheer & Chris Rostron (Wetland Link International

She is a very reliable expert in the field of nature conservation and leisure issues
Jan Jaap Thijs – Bureau voor Ruimte & Vrije Tijd

“I admire her analytical mind and capacity to put information in a logical order.”
Merel Segers – Sustainability Analysis and Communication