Each collaboration and each project is special. To give partners and clients the best result possible – Albertien uses an approach that offers guidance through a mission statement, a set of principles and a project framework.

Create a society where our planet and its life can flourish.


Way of working
These principles are part of each collaboration:

  1. Each project creates energy and enthusiasm for everybody involved;
  2. All project members contribute to a transparent and pleasant atmosphere; 
  3. Application of the Transition towards Sustainability Project Framework;
  4. Projects have a positive impact on people and the environment;
  5. Results of the projects are shared as openly as possible.  


Project framework
Applying integrated sustainability to real-life challenges can be complex. It asks for a practical and coordinated approach. I developed my own framework, incorporating elements from systems thinking, Symbiosis in Development by Except Integrated Sustainability and the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation by the Conservation Measures Partnership. My approach, the Transition towards Sustainability Project Framework (TSPF), can be used for project design.


There are three main phases:

  1. Vision, Values and Goals: The starting point and foundation for each project or process is to define what sustainability means to the project team, company and/or stakeholders.
  2. Iterative and holistic project design approach: A series of steps resulting in a project action plan and a monitoring and learning framework. System analysis and developing theories of change are key elements.
  3. Project execution and evaluation: Implementation of the action plan and planned project evaluation, allowing for adaptation and learning.

Key concepts behind my approach:

  • Using systems thinking to define sustainability goals, moving beyond people, planet, profit;
  • Performing a knowledge and dialogue phase before project design;
  • Analysing the system to understand your challenge;
  • Identifying good strategies using theories of change;
  • Developing a monitoring and learning framework;
  • The strength of iteration and adaptation.

More background information on the Framework in my two articles about defining sustainability and a practical approach for the transition towards sustainability.