30 januari

Mijn goede voornemen voor 2017: Voedsel met positieve impact mogelijk maken

In 2012 las ik het boek ‘The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century’ van Dickson Despommier, een Amerikaanse professor. Hij beschrijft in zijn boek dat landbouw de grootste veroorzaker is van milieuproblemen en ziet zijn concept van verticale landbouw als de perfecte oplossing. Landbouw veroorzaakt inderdaad veel problemen op het gebied van […]

11 januari

Transition towards sustainability: a practical approach

More and more companies, people and governments are interested in sustainability. But becoming and remaining ‘sustainable’ is not so easy. There are many different approaches available that offer support for the transition towards sustainability. I found that many of these approaches only scratch the surface and do not help with the challenge to bring real […]

11 januari

Defining sustainability

Sustainability. It’s just one word, but it has different meaning to different people. I believe it’s important to define what we mean with sustainability, especially when we work together. This ensures that all people involved, at minimum all team members, have the same understanding. Read on if you want to find out why the most […]

18 december

Ubuntu inspires to be better

Friday, 16 December, Leontine van Hooft presented her new book “On route to Gross Global Happiness”. It was an inspiring book launch with dance and interesting stories. I was there because Leontine is a great person who runs a fantastic business with her husband Léon van Rijckevorsel. Also, because her first book “The power of […]

3 augustus

My five positive habits

Inspired by my friend and colleague Merel Segers I decided to share my five positive habits. Merel started publishing #positivenews through her Linkedin profile, to counterbalance the negativity of the news. To overcome being overstrung by negative stimuli I apply five positive habits in my daily life. Read on and select one new habit to start […]