Client: Eurosite
Year: 2016
Outcome: Background document Atlantic Seminar, Ireland 2016 – Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process

The European Commission initiated a programme of new Natura 2000 seminars, based on biogeographic regions. It involves ministries, experts, NGOs and other representatives from the relevant member states. The aim of the programme is to provide an interactive forum, supported by technical and stakeholder generated documentation, in which region specific solutions can be found to the problems of delivering sustainable site management now and in the future. Eurosite was one of the partners responsible for preparing the documentation for the Atlantic Seminar in Ireland. 


  • Assessment of expert consultation questionnaires using qualitative analysis
  • Development of background documentation (report)
  • Editing and lay-out of habitat factsheets


Assignment carried out by Albertien as project support officer for Eurosite.