Client: Eurosite
Year: 2016
Outcome: Natura 2000 Branding website including descriptions of 48 Natura 2000 products and four Natura 2000 Branding stories

Natura 2000 is the largest network of protected areas in the world. People and their (economic) activities are located in and around these areas, sometimes causing conflicts and leading people to perceive Natura 2000 as a burden. The Natura 2000 Branding website shows that products coming from Natura 2000 areas have an appealing value and – if produced well – benefit people, nature and local economy. In the long-term, these positive stories about the Natura 2000 brand could help improve collaboration between nature managers, farmers and local business and help increase awareness of producers and consumers about the benefits of Natura 2000.


  • Assisting communication manager with lay-out and development of website
  • Internet search for appropriate products and stories
  • Content development for the website, including writing general text boxes, description of 48 products and four stories


Assignment carried out by Albertien as project support officer for Eurosite.