aircraft-513641_1280Client: Schiphol Real Estate
Year: 2015
Outcome: Vision, concept and program for sustainable development of airport region

To accommodate future growth of the airport, Schiphol Real Estate wants to repurpose the last open area to fulfill the demand for parking space and offices with something that is much larger than the sum of its parts. They asked Except Integrated Sustainability to answer their central question: “How can we use the new development to make something exceptional?” The vision, concept and program was developed by an interdisciplinary team of 21 experts in future-proof sustainability, urban and business strategy, design, engineering, ecology, and marketing. They worked together with teams of the client in an eight month co-creation process, engaging more than 70 stakeholders along the way.


  • Teamleader overall data collection
  • Development and co-author data collection report (text and visualization)
  • Indoor landscape and ecosystem design
  • Research and co-development of airport metabolism chapter
  • Organisation of stakeholder meeting on water


Assignment carried out by Albertien as associate consultant for Except Integrated Sustainability.